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If I join during the year, is there a pro-rated annual membership fee?
No. It’s not necessary. Whenever you join the ICOI, you always receive twelve (12) full months of membership and benefits. Unlike other societies, we do not confine new members to submitting their applications within a one or two month period. You will be re-billed each year during the month that you joined.

Do I really need to join if I only restore dental implants?
The answer can be found in how you responded when your patient asks whether or not you do implants? If you said, “YES”, then you are already fifty percent ahead of your implant restorative colleagues. We offer practitioners and laboratory technicians a focused environment for implant restorative education. All members of the ICOI, specialists as well as generalists, are included. You will benefit from annual meetings dedicated to implant prosthodontics, training courses, an advanced restorative credentialing level (Mastership), a prosthodontic segment in ICOI’s quarterly publication, multiple treatment planning forms and patient consent forms and more…We do more dentistry when we are confident, educated and comfortable.

Is the ICOI the “right” organization for specialists?
Absolutely! Implants present specialists with a unique challenge, i.e. working closer than ever with referring dentists. Building these relationships is at the heart of all ICOI education. ICOI’s Association of Dental Implant Auxiliaries (ADIA) is an example of how we are constantly adding new benefits so that all members whether they place, restore, assist or fabricate the restoration understand the challenges presented to their dental implant partners! We provide implant education for the entire dental team and their patients.

What are the different levels of membership in the ICOI? What are the requirements at each level?
ICOI has three voluntary credentialing programs: ICOI Fellowship, ICOI Mastership and ICOI Diplomate. Click here for more information on the pre-requisite conditions, applicant criteria and detailed requirements at each level.

How long do I have to wait after membership to apply for Fellowship, Mastership or Diplomate?
You may begin your credentialing application immediately upon joining the ICOI. We welcome you and your implant experience. We are pleased to have new members become involved in the credentialing process. You need not wait for an entire year to apply or receive your credentials. ICOI Fellowship, ICOI Mastership and ICOI Diplomate* applications are evaluated and processed by committee each month, so there is no lengthy application or evaluation process. Forms are available from our central office or on-line at any time. At every ICOI symposia, members are presented with their appropriate credentials. For further information or to apply, please contact the ICOI Central Office staff at (800) 442-0525. Outside the United States, please call (973) 783-6300, fax your request to (973) 783-1175, or email us at icoi@dentalimplants.com. Applications may be printed or downloaded as a pdf file.

*Please Note: Diplomate candidates are required to participate in a regional ICOI Diplomate examination. These will be offered one day prior to or after each ICOI sponsored or co-sponsored symposium. Examinations will be both in written and oral interview formats with at least two (2) examiners from ICOI’s Advanced Credentialing Committee or ICOI Diplomates. Thus, Diplomate applicants will experience a longer application period. The written exams are monitored by Schroeder Measurement Technologies, Inc.

Are there special member registration rates at ICOI sponsored symposia?
Discounted registration programs are provided for all new and existing members to encourage attendance.

I need to refer a patient to an ICOI colleague. How can I find one?
Currently, the ICOI receives a number of member and patient inquiries via telephone and email. Our on-line membership directory makes it easy to locate an ICOI member dentist in your area. When additional information is provided by a member, we include the type of dentist (e.g. a general dentist or a specialist) as well as whether the ICOI member performs the surgery or restoration or does both phases. Additionally, a member may be categorized as active member, Fellow, Master or Diplomate.

How can I become more involved in the ICOI, i.e. serve on committees, present table clinics, etc.?
All members, new or existing, intermediate or advanced, are encouraged to become involved in the ICOI. We welcome the support and participation of our members. It is what drives our society and expands global education. Simply, contact the ICOI and let them know your specific area of interest.