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Adding value to your practice: Because the ICOI provides more continuing implant education opportunities than any other implant organization, our members have access to accelerated assistance for building implant dentistry (whether they restore and/or surgically place implants) into their practices. ICOI members will also tell you that they have benefited from intangibles, such as sharing experiences informally at ICOI symposia, to tangible ICOI publications and programs.

“I like to gather new information, but validation of what I know and do is equally important. I always come home from ICOI meetings with new clinical pearls that have next-day application in my practice!”
~Dr. Burt Melton, Renowned national and international implant educator

Marketing and Public Relations
Increasing public and professional awareness of implant dentistry is one of the basic objectives of the ICOI. This includes published and interactive patient educational materials, on-line consumer education, as well as media releases recognizing new ICOI credentialed members. Consumer marketing and advertising campaigns will increase public awareness and stimulate patient inquiries about implant therapy.

Implant Continuing Education
ICOI offers members not one, not two … but several United States and international symposia every year. Annually, we sponsor a World Congress and a United States meeting where both implant surgical and prosthodontic issues are presented.

Discounted registration programs are provided for all new and existing ICOI members to attend our symposia. Additional programs reward members who come with their local colleagues and office teams.

The ICOI networks with numerous worldwide component and affiliate societies to assist in providing extensive regionalized education. We are, in effect, a link for all ICOI members as well as component and affiliate society members to learn from each other. Dr. Ken Judy, ICOI Chairman, says: “Over the past 45 years, I have learned as much from networking with my implant colleagues abroad as I have through formal training and from my mentors and peers in the United States. The body of implant dentistry knowledge that we have today comes from a truly international base of contributors.”

Publications and Journals
ICOI provides its members with two publications designed to enhance their professional development and to keep them abreast of the latest research and clinical concepts in the field of implantology.

Implant Dentistry is the official journal of the ICOI. Included In your annual dues is a subscription to this peer-reviewed, indexed quarterly publication. Our award winning journal features manuscripts devoted to clinical science and techniques, basic and clinical research as well as other topics related to implantology… all of which are rigorously reviewed.

Patient Education and Referrals
ICOI ‘s vision incorporates patient education and communication. The ICOI has patient resources available whether as brochures or textbooks. And extensive on-line material is constantly updated on ICOI’s web site. Currently, ICOI receives patient inquiries and directs them to our on-line membership directory so patients can locate ICOI dentists in their area. Our newly enhanced web site makes it even easier for prospective patients to get implant information and find you locally or on the web.

ICOI Membership Directory
Updated and published on the web, this international listing is a valuable tool for consumers and members alike. It is convenient and user-friendly allowing members to be located geographically, alphabetically and categorically as active members, Fellows, Masters or Diplomates. Non-dues paying members will be automatically deleted.

Advanced Recognition Programs
ICOI has three voluntary credentialing programs: ICOI Fellowship, ICOI Mastership and ICOI Diplomate status. ICOI members that participate in these programs satisfy several requirements including documenting evidence of successful completion of implant instruction, review of their cases, as well as written examinations and oral interviews.

Implant Textbooks
Whether you are just starting out or looking for the latest reference materials, the ICOI always has several textbooks available to members at discounted rates. We also offer textbooks for the consumer.

Free Patient-Education Videos, animations and treatment planning for Your Website
Prospective patients often try to get a sense of a dental practice online before even scheduling that first consultation. What will they see when they visit your website? Engaging state-of-the art video content is a great way to stimulate patient interest in your practice and the services you provide. That’s why we have partnered with Dear Doctor. Also, a new program, DentalMaster, the nation’s leading provider of educational materials for dental patients, to produce a special video series for ICOI members.

These videos and animations are available to you at no cost.

Patient-Education Authorship Opportunities
Our partnership with Dear Doctor, the nation’s leading provider of educational materials for dental patients, ensures patient access to accurate information on dental implants. Many of our members have authored articles for Dear Doctor – Dentistry & Oral Health magazine, a publication distributed to dental offices nationwide and available online at These articles are published under the member’s byline and carry the official endorsement seal of the ICOI. Authoring an article for Dear Doctor is a great way to raise your profile with dental patients — 10 million of whom will visit this year. What’s more, Dear Doctor’s editorial staff will do the initial drafting of the article to save you time. Learn more